The Bond gadgets that became real

Get your hands on real Bond gadgets that, first time you saw them, could only be handled by Bond and Q

We love Bond gadgets – in fact Q has always been like a posh old Santa to us. And thanks to his brilliance a few of Bond’s greatest gadgets are now a reality that you can buy. Some might require a gun license or a second mortgage, but do you think those things would stop Bond?

Ericsson R380

First seen being used to control a BMW 750i in Tomorrow Never Dies, Ericsson liked the flip-open concept so much, it put it into production three years later. Sadly, the designers omitted the film phone’s stun gun function.

Glastron Scimitar

Moonraker had its fair share of sci-fi gadgetry, but it was the film’s stealth-like speedboat that inspired the Scimitar. It’s a shame the integrated hang glider and bomb deployment system didn’t make the final design.

Magpul FPG

While it might not be made from a fountain pen, cigarette lighter, cigarette case and cufflink like Scaramanga’s famous golden gat, this Airsoft gun can be dismantled and folded down to about the size of a laptop battery.

Martin Jetpack

Although not technically a jetpack (it cheats via propellers pointed at the ground), this backpack booster is clearly inspired by the one used by Bond in Thunderball. It finally goes on sale next year for US$20,000 (£12,470).

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