BlueStacks brings Android apps to Mac OS X

Hear that mighty crack? That's the sound of hell freezing over as pigs flap their wings overhead

You might remember Bluestacks from our guide on how to run Android apps on a Windows PC. Now the software company has successfully worked its black visualization magic on Mac OS X, by releasing the first public alpha of its Android App Player.

Powered by tasty-sounding Layercake technology, Bluestacks will allow users to run Android apps on their Macs, and Bluestacks CEO Rosen Sharma even goes as far as stating that he hopes to see Android developers creating Retina Display-friendly apps for Mac users. Heavy.

Head on over to Bluestacks now to download the Mac OS X alpha build which comes bundled with 17 apps, and achieve the previously unthinkable.

[Bluestacks via Engadget]

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