The biiiiig picture: Sony’s new 4K TVs go all the way up to 100in

Bravia ZD9 collection totes a new 4K processor for eye-popping HDR performance

I’m thinking about buying a 4K telly. Any suggestions?

Tons. But for today let’s just look at Sony’s Bravia TVs, the flagship ZD9 series. These are the three tellies that are going to sit at the very top of the Japanese company’s range.

Let me guess: they’re big.

Indeed they are: there’s a 65in KD65ZD9, a 75in KD75ZD9 and – the big kahuna – a 100in KD100ZD9.

100 inches! That’s insane.

Wait until you hear the price. You might want to sit down for this.

OK… hit me.

£60,000! No joke. You could buy a luxury car for less. Or a few 4K projectors, if you're after a big picture. Thankfully, the 65in and 75in sets are a little less brutal on the bank account, coming in at £4,000 and £7,000 respectively.

So what do you get for that money?

Well, a whole lot - and not just in screen real estate.

For starters, the ZD9 models come with a new processor, the X1 Extreme, that increases real-time image processing by 40 percent over Sony’s previous top processor. The system analyses each scene and tweaks colour and contrast to improve texture and detail, and will upscale regular HD content to 4K resolutions.

The TVs also support HDR, and Sony claims that its processing tech makes this already eye-popping system look even better. Oh, and the backlighting system has been overhauled too, with the LEDs that light the picture getting a boost to their focus and accuracy. That, Sony says, reduces the flare effect that can be noticeable in some LED-backlit screens.

And what about the UI?

These new models all run on Android TV, with a Sony interface on top. That means you can run apps, use Voice Search to find things to watch and to control the TV, and use Google Cast to put anything on your phone or tablet up on the big screen.

You’ll be able to buy the ZD9 series models later this year – Sony has yet to specify a date beyond that. Better start saving now.