Asus brings Kinect-style gesture control to PC gaming

At the CeBit event in Hanover, Asus is showcasing their new Kinect-alike tech

Using a mouse for gaming is so passé. The future is all about Kinect-style gesture control. Asus is bringing that future to PCs, now.

The PC giant has introduced its Wireless Audio Visual Interaction (WAVI) Xtion motion-sensing technology at the CeBit show in Hanover. The fitness-encouraging device was developed in conjunction with PrimeSense, the same company that helped Xbox produce Kinect, so you know it's worth getting excited about.

Asus plans to sell games and apps for the new device from its own online store, and will produce an Xtion Pro developer kit for third-party developers.

The price and release date should be announced soon – we'll keep you posted.