Apple wireless hybrid earphones incoming?

Once the mainstay of iPod marketing, could Apple be ditching its famous white wires for a cable-free future?

Apple's white headphone cables are world famous. They formed the basis of its massive (and you'd have to argue pretty successful) iPod marketing campaign. But is it now preparing to dump its famous wires? The company has already stepped up its earphones game with the new EarPods – which impressed us. Now it looks like Apple is gazing toward a future of hybrid wireless earphones to further dazzle us with tangle-free sound.

The plan is to avoid headphone spaghetti while offering easy charging. What Apple has come up with – at least in patent form – is a set of in-ear 'phones that connect magnetically to a charging cable. Once disconnected the buds automatically stop charging and start sending the signal wirelessly, using the L-R connection as an antenna.

Although in 2005 Steve Jobs denounced Bluetooth audio quality, the arrival of Bluetooth 4.0 should quell fears of dodgy sonics, paving the way for wireless. And pushing Apple's white headphone cables towards the history books.

[via AppleInsider]

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