Apple TV hack shows off iOS apps running at 720p

We get a sneak peek into the future of iOS apps on the big screen

As many an Apple fanboy will know, 2012 is the year Apple takes over the world of TV, with the wildly speculated iTV. Seemingly bored with waiting (and the lack of a dedicated App Store) a couple of intrepid iOS developers have hacked the second-gen Apple TV to run iPhone and iPad apps at full 720p resolution. 

Spotted by MacRumours, the new hack – dubbed MobileX – is seen running on a jailbroken Apple TV in the video below, showing off apps such as Facebook, YouTube, Safari and Maps at 720p resolution. While you can currently stream or mirror stuff from your Mac or iToy through the magic of AirPlay, this clever hack is actually running the apps independently off the media streaming device. 

The hack works by replacing the springboard functionality for iPad, therefore allowing the apps to be displayed at full 720p resolution. The apps also appear to play nice with both a keyboard and Magic Trackpad, in case any of you were wondering how on earth applications can be controlled without touching the screen. 

The hack has yet to be fully released for public consumption and is still in the early stages, but its clever creators are hoping this will go some way to goading Apple into opening up a dedicated App Store for its Apple TV set-top box. Either way, this gives us an insight into the future of what Apple could achieve with its own-brand TV efforts. Exciting stuff.

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