5 of the best Stag Do gadgets

So Prince Wills’s sordid stag do had clay pigeon shooting and port drinking. Think you can do better?


So Prince Wills’s sordid stag do had clay pigeon shooting and port drinking in a country manor. Think you can do better? Here are some gadgets to help it go swimmingly...

Drinking Roulette £12

Can’t afford to take your man to Vegas? Try this drinking roulette wheel and convince him it’s better. With sixteen numbered and coloured shot glasses, in theory there’ll be more drinking and less parting with stupidly large sums of cash.

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Quad Pack MT600 PMR Two-Way Radios £70

Strap one of these walkie-talkies to the groom-to-be so that when he wakes up in a doorway missing his brand spanking new HTC, he should still be able to get in touch. As long as he’s less than 5km away.

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Kodak Playsport HD £120

This little beauty shoots 1080p HD video and is waterproof up to 3km – perfect for hotel pools and hot tubs. The Playsport stabilises shaky camerawork too so even if you’re memory is blurry, your footage won’t be.

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Boombox Speaker T-Shirt £30

It’s your duty as stags to annoy everyone in sight and what better way to do it than a speaker t-shirt to hook your iPod up to when you’re between bars. Also comes in “Electric Guitar”.

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Alcosense One Pocket Breathalyzer £25

If you think you won’t be fit to drive back the morning after, pack one of these battery-operated breathalyzers. The Alcosense One reads up to 1.5 times the UK limit for alcohol levels so you can work out who your designated non-sleeper is.

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