5 of the best geek clocks

The clocks go back this weekend, so add a dash of geekery to your timekeeping

Tix LED clock £25

Before you start backing away slowly, the clock's showing the time is 12:34. OK, and breathe. In the Tokyoflash tradition of telling time with LEDs in strange positions, this Tix clock will turn your bedside table into a game of Tetris.

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Pac-Man Alarm Clock £17

The authentic wakka-wakka Pac-Man sounds on this battery-powered alarm clock will get video game fans leaping out of bed like it's 1980. Just hit the cherries snooze button when you realise you've got another hour under the duvet.

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Pixel Time Clock £20

You might not be old enough to remember the days before HD, kids. But this is what they were like – gloriously blocky, pixellated and retro-looking. Stick this clock next to your 4K2K TV and Thunderbolt Display with pride.

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Gun o'clock £13

If that extra hour just isn't enough and getting up in the mornings makes you want to reach for a weapon – this is the crazy, Japanese clock for you. You have to hit your target to shut the thing up and in difficult mode, you can only snooze after you've hit it five times. Want.

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Magnetic Tape Reel Clock £18

One for audiophiles and music geeks, this recycled magnetic reel has been put to good use as a clock – after no doubt being relegated to garages and lofts. An MP3 wouldn't look this good on your wall now, would it?

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