5 of the best bicycle helmets

Protecting your melon doesn’t have to be a low-tech affair, you even look good doing it too

Giro Reverb


The most modern protection doesn’t always mean the best looks. Yet the Giro Reverb combines classic urban looks with a new light yet tough in-mould to resist dents, give protection to your melon, and fit comfortably. With 11 colours on offer, and a removable visor cap, the £37 tag is a small price to pay for a Giro – even if the name Reverb suggests a fall will turn your vibrating body into a tuning fork.



Best thing since sliced bread will soon be replaced as a saying by best thing since folding helmets, which the Overade is. It’s an Iron Man looking cool, protective helmet that folds small enough to pop in your bag. It’s going into production soon so watch this space for more details.



Would you have ever guessed a helmet made from, ahem, bog standard cardboard would be stronger than current polystyrene efforts? If you did then you should have patented it. The Kranium – which uses acrylic for waterproofing – is stronger than most helmets even after five impacts. And it's on route to becoming the new helmet style of choice when it gets unleashed soon.



Helmet hats from Yakkay are here to help keep your style while also keeping your brains inside your un-cracked skull. You can mix and match helmets with a selection of hat cover types. Prices start at £75.

LAS Victory Limited


For one of the best helmets of 2012, look no further. The LAS Victory Limited weighs in at just 275g, but crams in three different comfortable pad sets, a high-coverage hard shell, and top notch buckles, straps and clasp materials. Ultimate noggin protection for just over the £100 mark.

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