3D glasses standard sought by Samsung, Sony and Panasonic

One pair of 3D glasses to rule them all, that is the dream about to become reality

Expensive 3D glasses that only work on one TV aren't helping 3D's popularity. While LG is pushing passive glasses so more pairs can be bundled with TVs, other manufacturers are sticking to the brighter active specs.

Now Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and XpanD (which makes 90 per cent of the world's glasses, including its own-brand universal specs) are teaming up for what they call the Full HD 3D Glasses Initiative, to find one standard for all 3D TVs. This will mean you can get your own stylish pair of glasses and take them to your mate’s to watch ‘the big game’ en masse. Plus you won’t need to spend more than the price of a season ticket on a pair, as the price should be driven down thanks to multiple company investment.

Of course by the time that happens, glasses-free screens like on the Nintendo 3DS, LG Optimus 3D and HTC EVO 3D could already be the norm. Either way, anything that makes 3D cheaper and easier is okay by us.


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