25 best platform games ever

Our 25 absolute favourite platformers of all time

The 25 best platform games ever, in no particular order, are...

Strider (1989)

Notoriously difficult, but Strider was also beautiful and innovative. Sliding through tight gaps, cartwheeling across gaps or slicing opponents with your plasma sword were all done with grace and style. Numerous power-ups made things interesting – and were absolutely essential to progress.

Super Mario Bros. (1985)

The game that made Nintendo a household name and properly introduced Mario the plumber, who'd already made his debut in the Donkey Kong series. Save Princess Toadstool from the evil Bowser – and have plenty of bouncy fun along the way.

Sonic the Hedgehog (1991)

The sheer speed of Sonic the whizzy blue 'hog was enough to make our youthful eyes widen, then ache, then look around for people to mug so we could afford a new Mega Drive. Hard to believe Sonic recently turned 20 years old – truly a gaming great.

Limbo (2010)

Few games in recent years have set tongues and imaginations alight like Limbo, the moody monochrome tale of an anonymous boy in search of his sister. Initially exclusive to Xbox Live Marketplace, it's now available on PlayStation Network and is coming to Steam on 2 August.

Turrican 2 (1991)

The first Turrican game was received as the finest platform shooter ever – and the sequel was even more awesomer. Tons of innovative, destructive weapons, varied enemies, terrifying bosses and some of the most polished graphics of the era combined with slick gameplay and just the right difficulty level to birth a true classic.