Amazfit GTR fitness watches last a long time on a budget

Keep it in watch mode and you'll only need to charge it six times a year
19 July 2019 / 15:20BST

GTR are three letters you usually associate with performance, so it’s no wonder Amazfit has borrowed them for its latest fitness watch. That doesn’t mean the GTR (£tba) has a huge exhaust poking out the back or a huge spoiler attached to the lugs, but the 47mm version has a 410mAh under the bonnet, giving it a 24-day battery life in normal mode, 40 hours with GPS tracking active and a whopping 74 days in basic watch mode. You can half those figures for the 42mm one, and its touchscreen is a 1.2in, 390x390 OLED rather than 1.39in at 454x454, but both have optical heart rate monitors, work with iOS and Android for notifications, and are waterproof to 50m for 10 minutes. There’s no UK availability info at the moment, but in China they’ll start from around $120 and go up to just over $200.