The Samsung Sero is a rotating TV built for smartphone junkies

Vertical limit
01 June 2020 / 13:14BST

Samsung has launched a unique rotating 43in TV called the Sero (£1599). Yanked straight out of a millennial fever dream, the Sero can be switched between horizontal or vertical orientations and supports mirroring out of the box, meaning you'll finally able to watch your favourite snapchat and tiktok videos on the biggest screen possible. While the merits of a vertical googlebox will be lost on some people, Samsung is evidently hoping it'll appeal to those young ragamuffins who whittle away the hours gawping at their best mate's social media antics, blitzing Candy Crush Saga, and scouring the internet for artisan cat videos. If that sounds like you, you'll be pleased to hear the twisty 4K television has just gone on sale in the UK.