Samsung has unveiled a home-friendly 75in Micro LED 4K TV

Small and mighty
07 January 2019 / 12:02GMT

This time last year Samsung waltzed into CES to show off its brand new 146in Micro LED display, dubbed 'The Wall.' The whopping screen utilised individual modules of self-emissive Micro LEDs - which feature million of inorganic red, greed, and blue microscopic LED chips that emit their own light to produce stunning colours - to deliver an extraordinary level of picture quality that surpassed anything on the market. Of course, you'd be hard pressed to find anybody that could actually squeeze a 146inch screen into their home, which is why Samsung has used that same tech to create a smaller, more home-friendly 75in 4K television. The company was able to scale down the technology by improving its ultra-fine pitch semiconductor packaging process to narrow the gap between each microscopic LED chip. The result in a gorgeous, bezel-free googlebox that's still probably going to cost you a small fortune.