Humax's new Freesat box is neater and streamier

Lots of channels and on-demand including Netflix… for no monthly fee
18 April 2017 / 9:21BST

Summer is pretty much here, so you might as well cancel your Sky subscription and save yourself a bit of ice-cream money. Maybe, in case you get a bit weary of all the sunbathing, paddleboarding and BMXing, plug this Freesat box into the end of your satellite dish cable. Over 200 channels in the EPG, 13 in HD, plus Humax's latest now has built-in Wi-Fi for streaming Netflix or various terrestrial channel on-demand apps. It'll also record to a hard drive if you plug one in. No monthly fee - Netflix notwithstanding - and the box only costs £100. Who knows, once the cold comes back, you might find you don't need that big-money TV subscription.