Realise the magic of coding with Kano’s Harry Potter wand and computer kit

Works like a charm
24 July 2018 / 12:22BST

Slytherin to your coding suit, because you won’t be able to say no to conjuring your own magic with Kano's kit. The build-it-yourself bluetooth wand is packed full of electronic sensors, and by pairing it with Kano’s connected app you're able to create lines of code. Duplicate goblins, demand objects to float and partake in other such Hogwarts larks following the step-by-step coding manual; then when you’ve mastered the basics, channel your inner Hermione and unlock all the challenges across the wizarding world. Swish and flick your way to understanding concepts of real programming and even take a ride on the JavaScript express train. It’s the sort of learning that is spookily fun. Ideal for tablets, as well as Windows and Mac PCs, the kit will cost £99 and you can preorder it right now, but you’ll have to wait until October 1 until you start being told - ‘You’re a wizard, Harry*’.

*insert own name here.

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