Lego’s replica model of the Bugatti Chiron will get your pulse racing

Get your very own brickified sports car
01 June 2018 / 10:53BST

Fancy being the owner of a super-stylish Bugatti Chrion but don’t have the cash to even afford its windscreen wipers? Then you'll likely be excited to know that Lego has released a 1:8 scale replica model of the sports car that’s available right now for £330. With 3600 Lego pieces in the box, this is a monster of a model to build that will easily eat away a weekend. That’s because it’s not just the exterior bodywork that replicates the Chiron, but also the cockpit, Bugatti-emblazoned steering wheel and W16 engine with moving pistons. You even get a key, which can not only switch the active rear wing from ‘handling’ to ‘top speed’ position, but also unlocks the hood to reveal a serial number that’s unique to each model. Best of all, though, you get the bragging rights to tell your mates you own a Bugatti Chiron – they don’t need to know it’s made out of Lego.

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