The Avengers Hero Inventor Kit can turn your kid into a miniature Iron Man

Assemble Avengers
24 August 2018 / 13:20BST

In Marvel’s comics universe, superheroes are getting younger, with teens improbably building super-suits in a garage. Now your own kids can join the cause in the real world, with the Avengers Hero Inventor Kit (£149.99). Out now, the kit is a combination of tech sensors, coding and stickers, which can transform a slab of see-through plastic into a high-tech, reconfigurable hero gauntlet. Your tiny crime-fighter can then learn to take on supervillains everywhere by completing hero-themed activities based on light, speed, sound, and coding, utilising the device’s LED matrix, accelerometer, and “authentic Marvel Avengers sound effects”. Just don’t blame Stuff when your kids are out all night, and your own garage suddenly becomes full of dangerous crims.

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