TRIO adds two displays to your laptop, taking widescreen to the extreme

Three cheers
12 July 2019 / 11:10BST

You’ve probably seen those screens you can bolt on to a laptop’s lid, giving you an extra display to be all productive with. But what if that’s not enough? Well, now there’s TRIO (from $199). As the name suggests, this takes widescreen to absurd levels, enabling you to flank your existing display with an additional two 12.5in or 14in 1080p screens. The system’s flexibility provides all kinds of options: you can put one display in portrait while coding; or mirror your main display and position the others in a triangle during group meetings; and then go super-widescreen when playing games. Then at some point probably get a nagging feeling that what if this lot could only come out with a QUATRO system, because surely four displays would be better than three? Or maybe five. Or perhaps six

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