There's more power in this Razer box than just power

It also gives off a strong whiff of mystery
01 March 2017 / 16:00GMT

As any geek knows, arriving at a coffee shop or hot office is a performance. Everyone else is watching, because they’re bored. You must decant your laptop on to the table with mild disdain, masking your deep love for it. But next you must plug something in to your laptop that has no clear purpose. In this case, it’s a £145, 12,800mAh USB-C powerpack that will extend the life of a USB-C laptop – up to 20V, 2.25A - but also rapidly refuel other devices, with its Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 credentials. But for your onlookers, this nondescript black aluminium box could be anything. It could be some kind of high-level encryption device, they’ll think. Is it making a noise? Who is this guy? Why is my life so dull?

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