Samsung packs a lot into its super-thin Galaxy Tab S5e

Aiming for your iPad
15 February 2019 / 16:12GMT

It’s quite hard to get excited about an Android tablet, but Samsung is hitting all the right notes with its latest middle-of-the road slab. A cheaper alternative to the flagship Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, this all-metal Tab S5e is just 5.5mm thin, and weighs in at an ultra-portable 400g. Russian Doll should look great on the 10.5in Super AMOLED display, and with quad AKG-tuned speakers on board, it shouldn’t sound too shabby either. As the the first Samsung tab to feature built-in Bixby, the S5e makes it easier than ever to load up your calendar and to-do lists. Add to that DeX compatibility and a more than capable octa-core Snapdragon 670 processor doing the heavy lifitng, and you’ve got a device that is as good for productivity as it is for Netflix. Pre-order from March.

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