Samsung’s Galaxy S10+ has more of everything you want

Go big or go home
20 February 2019 / 19:30GMT

It wouldn’t be a flagship smartphone launch without a plus-sized version to steal all the attention for itself. Predictably, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ is a Galaxy S10 that spends most of its time at the gym. The 6.4in display gives you a ludicrous amount of screen to stare at, even with the additional depth-sensing selfie camera on the front. With such a monstrous amount of real-estate, you’re going to want to power through some movies on the thing, so a larger 4,100mAh battery is very welcome. Otherwise, you’re looking at the same triple rear camera arsenal as the S10 standard, the same processor, and the same reverse wireless charging functionality. We’re still yet to see anyone actually make use of such a feature in the wild, but it’s bound to catch on eventually. The Galaxy S10+ will go on pre-order from today, with prices for the 128GB model starting at £899.