castAway is a tiny Chromebook in a case that acts as a second screen for your phone

Screen time
27 November 2019 / 17:26GMT

If you’re not yet convinced by foldable phones, but fancy a more productive blower, check out castAway (from £100). A tiny Chromebook in a case, castAway snaps to your existing device by magnets, and connects digitally over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Once the folio-like contraption’s fired up, you can put exercise videos alongside health stats, and calendars next to conference calls; and via an alternate boot mode, you can have a virtual keyboard fill the castAway display when you need to smash out some words. The presence of a custom bridging app, MultiTask, for document sync suggests the dual-screen experience won’t be entirely seamless. Still, with castAway able to work as a standalone unit and/or with your existing device, and it being priced at a hundred quid, it won’t give your bank account a heart attack should you want to get in on some dual-screen action.