Rotofarm is an eco-friendly rotating countertop garden for your kitchen

A gardening revolution
11 March 2020 / 16:42GMT

Want to grow your own food, but live in a flat? Or have a garden, but watch aghast as it rains for six weeks solid, before a heatwave burns your drowned crop to a crisp, the remains of which are duly ingested by infinite slugs? Then you might like the idea of Rotofarm (£368). It sits on your countertop, looking like a kitchen appliance as envisioned by NASA. You shove in up to ten pre-planted seed-pods, add some water and nutrient concentrate, and watch as your plants take advantage of the rotating drum’s LED light, reflective cover, and net-zero gravitational pressure. The entire thing takes up little space, uses very little water and energy, creates no waste, and requires barely any effort – a mere handful of minutes per week. Just the ticket when you want to be a bit greener, but lack green fingers.

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