Clicbot is a modular kit that’s 10,000 robots in one

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10 March 2020 / 9:45GMT

With so many adorable programmable robots now available, it’s so difficult to choose. So why not instead buy thousands of the things in a single box? Fortunately, with Clicbot (from £229), you don’t even need a particularly big box, because this kit is modular, with component parts that slot together as easily as Lego. You can fashion everything from a worm-like phone-holding face-tracker to a robot that climbs walls like Spider-Man – if Spider-Man had massive suction cups at the end of his limbs. There are also wheels for trundling/racing droids, and a grasping claw to have your plastic pal hand you your coffee when you can’t be bothered to reach for it yourself. To get the full experience, you’ll need the £535 master kit, but even the entry-level box nets you ten official robot set-ups, and many further options for custom creations – although no climbing in that one, unless you figure out how to make Clicbot lob a grappling hook through an upstairs window.

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