This dome tent packs BlackOut tech to keep you snoozing through the day

Fend off unwanted festival sunlight for an extra hour’s recovery
07 June 2017 / 15:50BST

Ah, the camping dream. Waking to birdsong before brewing up some fresh nettle tea and grilling breakfast halloumi on the BBQ. Or, you know, stirring reluctantly at 10am to the sound of heavy bass and some suspicious aromas that do nothing for your headache. While it won’t block out the smells and sounds, this Kobuk Valley 4 (£140) tent from Coleman will at least keep you snoozing once the sun comes up. Capable of accommodating four happy campers, the ‘bedroom’ section is lined with BlackOut material to protect sleepers from the midday light and heat. It’s treated with UVGuard, too, for SPF 50 protection - so any sunburn you suffer won’t happen when you’re kipping.


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