The eSkootr SIX is an electric racing scooter than can top 60mph

Hot wheels
02 March 2021 / 16:10GMT

The eSkootr Championship has unveiled its first official racing machine, and it is proper bonkers. Based on a prototype initially developed by Williams Adanced Engineering, the eSkooter SIX combines a carbon-fibre chassis frame with natural-fibre bodywork and bespoke aluminium front and rear suspension to reach speeds of over 60mph. It's capable of cornering angles of 50 degrees, and utilises a torque delivery system to balance power between the front and rear wheels to enhance high-speed stability - though that can be overridden during races using a 'boost button' that sound like it's been ripped straight out of Fast and Furious. That's all powered by a Lithium Ion battery which charges two 6kW motors in each wheel, and just like a regular road-faring scooter, the eSkooter SIX is controlled via a conventional thumb-operated throttle. Of course, comparing the purpose-built racer to those quaint electric scooters you see zipping around town would be like comparing the Spruce Moose to the Concorde. We can't wait to see it in action (in the hands of professionals, of course).

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