Fuji’s GFX 50S is a mirrorless camera with a 51.4MP sensor

Medium-format images in a small-format body
01 March 2017 / 18:01GMT

Time was, buying a DSLR meant getting the best in image quality - and to hell with how heavy it was. Then came the compact camera, sacrificing sensor size in favour of pocketability. Thing is, Fujifilm believes in neither of those things, which is why it’s created the GFX 50S: a medium format mirrorless machine that packs - wait for it - 51.4 megapixels. Yes, it costs more than £6000 and, yes, we’re not sure who the target market is - but the body weighs just 740g despite containing a CMOS sensor that’s 1.7x bigger than full frame. Fujifilm, we salute you.