Pow Audio’s collapsible Una X speaker saves space in your bag

Squeezy does it
20 September 2019 / 14:40BST

Good sound quality is all about space – the more you have of it, the more chance you’ve got of sounding good. But when you’re a Bluetooth speaker designed to be schlepped around, the bigger you are the less portable you’re going to be. The solution? Pow Audio reckons it’s the Una X (€149) – a Bluetooth speaker that expands for extra resonance when you need to play music but packs away as a slim disc when it’s time to go. It’s splashproof, with USB-C charging and a 16-hour battery life, plus you can sync it with another Una X, or the slightly smaller Una (€109), to form a true stereo pair. Both will be available to buy later in the autumn.