Libratone is launching its sleek noise-cancelling true wireless buds in the UK

Danish dreamboat
09 July 2019 / 11:53BST

True wireless earbuds are ten a penny these days, with every tech company under the sun working to take down Apple's silky smooth Airpods. But hey, that isn't necessarily a bad thing. More choice means more chances to bag yourself a bargain, and that's exactly why we're shining a spotlight on Libratone's brand new Track Air+ buds (£179). Launching in the UK on July 15, the Track Air+ come with Active Noise Cancellation tech that can tune out around 30 decibels of ambient noise and weigh only 5.6 grams each - making them some of the most compact and lightest buds on the market. The slick Danish earbuds are also capable of churning out bangers for six hours on a full charge, and can be refuelled on-the-go using a pocket-sized wireless charging case. Bluetooth 5.0. and a stunning sweat-proof design are the icing on the cake, and might just have you abandoning your current buds in favour of some with a more Nordic flavour.