iRig Micro Amp is a play-anywhere guitar amp that looks like it’s shrunk in the wash

Bring the noise
21 March 2019 / 11:05GMT

Most tech continues to shrink, but guitarists often prefer amps the size of a hatchback. Only then can they truly rock out. iRig Micro Amp (£149) provides a pint-sized alternative when you don’t fancy unleashing noise terror on the entire neighbourhood. Weighing just 1.26kg and measuring a mere 210x125x155mm, the diminutive amp nonetheless packs a wallop through its 4in speaker – 15W of power when plugged in, or 7.5W when running on batteries. Beyond that, there are knobs to twiddle for adjusting levels, and buttons to switch between clean, drive and lead channels. Add IK Multimedia’s bundled AmpliTube software for Mac, PC and iOS, and you’ve an axe-grinder’s dream set-up for jamming – or those awkward early gigs where the entire band has to squeeze into a cupboard.