Cannon is an affordable pocket-sized speaker for blasting out music, wherever you happen to be

Cannon fodder
14 February 2019 / 11:49GMT

When you’re at the beach or having a party in your garden, you probably don’t want your expensive mobile speakers lurking near dangerous (to electronics) substances. Enter: Cannon (£15). This dinky pocket-sized Bluetooth 4.2 speaker weighs just 200g and is about 60mm across. But it’ll play for six hours – and in stereo if you buy a pair. Its 5W audio output won’t replace your hi-fi, but it’s enough to blare out some Phil Collins when it’s time to convince everyone to leave. Stuff is, however, a bit doubtful of the base’s LED lights creating a “party environment” as per the creator’s claims. If some whirling lights around a tiny speaker are your idea of excitement, you need to learn how to throw better parties.