The Blue Yeti X is a flagship mic designed to help budding broadcasters go pro

Sounding off.
17 September 2019 / 16:46BST

Microphone maker Blue is introducing a new flagship into its popular Yeti range of plug-and-play USB mics. It's called the Blue Yeti X ($169), and its packed with a smorgasbord of upgrades including an all new four-capsule condenser array and an LED illuminated multi-function smart knob that can be used to monitor and adjust voice levels, gain, and blend modes in real time. Unlike the standard Yeti and smaller scale Yeti Nano, the Yeti X also comes bundled with advanced Blue Voice Effects software, which features a suite of tunable broadcast vocal effects and presets that can be used to achieve professional sound quality on streams and podcasts. It'll also look the part on video casts thanks to a swish matte black finish and customizable coloured lighting that can be changed to match a variety of aesthetics. Top stuff.