Audio-Technica’s AT2040 mic makes premium audio affordable for your podcast

Testing, testing
30 July 2021 / 9:02BST

Your chilli pepper podcast might feature properly hot content, but poor acoustics will soon lose you listeners. For recordings that are sweeter on the ears, try Audio-Technica’s AT2040. Borrowing inspiration from the pro BP40, its metal shell and sturdy build belie the £89 price tag. At its heart, a highly directional hypercardioid pickup is designed to isolate your voice while ignoring background sounds – so you’ll capture crisp speech even if there’s hubbub in the studio. Or, you know, your mate’s bathroom. An integrated shock mount reduces vibrations which can affect audio quality, while a multi-stage windscreen employs foam mesh to prevent vocal pops at close range. Not ideal for beatboxers, but brilliant for broadcasting your tones at their dulcet best.