Drop everything and download: Super Mario Run

Mario's mobile platform adventure is now on Android

You're a bit late to the party - this has been out for months.

Not this version. See, while Mario's new mobile adventure has had iDevice owners collecting coins and bashing Bowser's baddies for months, there was a time when it seemed Android smartphone users wouldn't be able to join the party, what with the title perenially on pre-order. As of today, though, you'll find Mario hiding in the Google Play Store waiting to, well, play.

What's new in this Android version, then?

Nothing, really, over the iOS version - but that's no bad thing, given how ruddy fun this go-anywhere Ninty platformer proved to be on Apple devices. It's all centred around a 'world tour' of platform levels, where you'll face the usual assault course of pipes, jumps and bad bods, as Mario auto-runs on his quest to save Princess Peach.

Isn't this the one that's had everyone moaning about the price?

The very same. For free, you'll get a tutorial plus the first three full levels to bounce your Italian plumber through. After that, you'll need to pay £9.99 to unlock the full game. Some might find that unpalatable but that one-off paywall does mean you'll find no pesky in-app purchases or microtransactions - and it'll unlock the whole thing.

And, with the graphics you'd expect of a Mario title, together with a host of recognisable characters, this certainly feels like a generous package.

So now I can play Mario on the Tube on my Pixel? Wahoo!

Hold your mushrooms: while Mario's mobile foray is certainly fun to pick up and play, it also needs a data connection - which means no jumping and air-punching when you're underground, or on a plane for that matter. It's quite data-hungry, too, so this might be one for those blessed with gigabytes to spare.

Won't I get a bit bored of the same old formula?

Surely you've heard the adage, "put it on mobile and it'll go and go"? In any case, with 6 worlds and 24 courses to play through it's unlikely that you'll grow tired of leaping any time soon - not to mention some added features to keep things spicy.

There's a challenge mode, for example, that pits you against other players in front of a crowd of cheering toads - hence the name, Toad Rally - as well as a Kingdom Builder mode that should get your creative juices flowing.

Download Super Mario Run for Android from the Google Play Store