If you prolifically hammer your camera's shutter button while on holiday, you'll need a gadget to back-up and show off your reams of high-res snaps. Most portable media players can do a passable job, but Epson's dedicated gizmo trumps them all.

Better than the naked eye

Why's the P-4000 better than an iPod Video for photo storage? The main reason is that gorgeous screen. Not only is it 3.8in, but the 640x480 pixel resolution will pick out all the fine detail you spotted with your naked eye.

The other big bonuses are the built-in card SD card reader – just pop your camera's card in and you're away – and the 80GB storage, which can store thousands of JPEGs.

It’s not so hot on portable media player duty thanks to a poor battery life – you’ll be lucky to get a few hours out of it – its bulky dimensions and under-par audio quality, but no other pocketable box is a better partner for your camera.

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Epson P-4000 review

Its media playing powers won't worry the Archos series, but the P-4000's stonking screen and SD card reader make it the best photo viewer on the market