Portability isn’t its strong suit but, if you want to play cutting-edge games on a 4kg slab of notebook heaven, Dell’s XPS is the obvious choice.

A bleeding-edge 256MB nVidia Geforce Go 6800 Ultra shifts polygons at breakneck pace – sample Test Drive Unlimited on the XPS and you’ll see what we mean.

There’s just the one bad point: its sheer size. The 17-inch screen is pin-sharp perfection but it adds such bulk to the XPS, along with its hefty, powerful innards, that you’ll be lucky to find a decent case in which to carry it around.

Don’t go too far, either, or you’ll be risking a regular visit to the chiropractor.

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Dell Inspiron XPS review

Enormous but will run more or less anything you care to chuck at it. In the absence of the PSP, this would be our number one choice – especially since we’ve hired a little man to carry it for us