The classic British folding bicycle (if you exclude the Bickerton, now sadly RIP), the Brompton S2L-X boasts a solid, tried-and-tested design, stiff upper lip not included.

It’ll take you just 20 seconds to put together. There’s no potential for injury – clasps, fold and lock mechanisms are simple and without undue hazard.

On the road the Brompton is all old-school simplicity, and has an easy, manageable style that makes you proud, not to mention comfortable, to take it on the train. Everything just works, including the two-speed, hill-and-flat gearing, comfy controls and superbly small fold.

On the downside, you’ll need to test ride it because only the seatpost adjusts for height, and it’s costly when pitted against other folders on the market. Still, you couldn’t do better for charm.

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Brompton S2L-X review

The Brompton is an old-school classic but you’ll pay for the brand name if not the charm