Compact Camera of the Year 2016

Awards Winner
Lionel Messi. Prince. Paul Daniels. The Carolina Reaper chili pepper. All punch(ed) well above their diminutive size. To that list we can now add the Fujifilm X70. Alright, so it’s not quite as small as Paul Daniels, but considering it packs a DSLR-rivalling APS-C sensor inside it, the fact that it will fit into your pocket is damn impressive. There’s a fixed 28mm-equivalent lens on the front, so you’ll have to zoom with your feet, but that’ll help you both slim down and learn how to properly compose the shots you’re taking. The LCD screen flips out and around so you can get into all sorts of tight angles, and while there’s no viewfinder one can be added into the hot shoe. And the other best thing about it - beyond its size and superlative image quality - is it’s price: that’s impressively small too at a mere £500.

The runners up

Canon PowerShot G9 X

This diddy thing features a 20MP 1-inch sensor in a sleek body that’ll fit in the pocket of even your tightest jeans. The £350 price tag and top picture quality continue the small-but-mighty theme.

The perfect travel camera? Quite possibly, because the TZ100 crams a 20MP 1-inch sensor with 10x optical zoom plus 4K video into a body that’ll slip inside a jacket with ease.

We proclaimed last year’s RX10 II the best bridge camera ever and guess what? Yep, the RX10 III is even better, with an extended 25x zoom and 4K video adding to its existing charms.

Want the absolute best compact on the planet? Then look no further than the RX1R II. Maybe check your bank balance first though - it’ll set you back three-and-a-half-grand. Cripes!