The iPhone goes ‘pro’ but what does that really mean?

The way we see it, is that this is the elite iPhone of 2019 to contend with the Android kings and win.

Ostensibly, it looks a lot like last year’s iPhone XS, but flip it over and you’ll see the triple camera threat, which is up there with best smartphone camera we’ve tested this year, and with Apple finally catching up and developing some sharp Night Mode camera tech, it’s the best all-round smartphone camera, full stop.

The A13 Bionic chip comes out on top in benchmark testing bringing about untouchable speeds. The fact there’s no 5G option doesn’t bother us for now, but ask us again in 12 months.

The fast charger is a godsend and something iPhone fans have been waiting for.

#slofies aside, this is a serious and solid phone in every meaning of the word. A phone that’s going to take wicked photos in any scenario and carry out all your daily tasks with finesse.

We’ve been using this as our main phone for over a week and it’s not once let us down...

Display and sound: Bright and beautiful

The ‘super retina XDR’ display sees marginal gains from the iPhone XS but it’s still noticeably superior to the iPhone 11’s LCD display.

The contrast is excellent, with the darkest blacks and excellent brightness and picture rendering at 2436x1125 pixel resolution at 458ppi.

Dolby Vision and HDR10 video looks superb at full brightness with brilliant levels of detail and this is only made better by the growing HDR content on offer in the past year. Maximum brightness goes all the way to 800 nits, it’s easy to read the screen from all angles even in bright sunlight. And then when viewing HDR content, the brightness increases to an astounding 1200nits of brightness.

Our ears are treated to Dolby Atmos sound which is damn impressive for a smartphone. Annoying for everyone else on your train carriage, we might add. 

Performance and Software: Throw in the extras

Aside from the camera, which we’ll come to later, what else is new?

Apple’s A13 Bionic chip is a notable step up, and this really becomes apparent when downloading and uploading video and editing. Even with footage over 10 minutes, it was easy to export and edit in apps like Splice and iMovie. Apps download faster than ever too and FaceID is supposedly quicker than the iPhone XS, although in reality it’s hard to tell. Plus, it was always super quick anyway.

New to iOS 13 is an improvement to Dark Mode with systemwide support for all your apps. It works by inverting white backgrounds to black/dark grey and really does reduce eye strain, and ought to eke out battery life longer into the night too. Looking and playing on an iPhone 11 Pro is so good we’re worried about screen time.

We say goodbye to 3D Touch, which we won’t miss, replaced by Haptic touch, so you need to press for longer as opposed to pressing harder. And iOS 13 employs quick option menus on pretty much every app. For instance, hold down on the WhatsApp widget and you’ll be able to go straight into the conversation with whoever you recently contacted and start a new chat without leaving the home screen.

The swipe keyboard means you can continuously brush across letters to type, which makes one-handed tapping a doddle. It’s called QuickPath and it’s great for sending generic messages like ‘Happy Birthday!’, but not so good if you like making up words as much as we do here on Stuff. It displays a grey swoosh on the keyboard from the last letter you used, like a shooting star – tres jazzy.

The 18W mains charger is a welcome newcomer to the iPhone box, and speedy charging is something Apple has been behind the rest of the pack for ages. We were able to fill up to almost 50% from a nerve-wrecking 2% in just 30 minutes. The bigger battery comes to the iPhone 11 Pro offering four hours more than the XS, which we found to be reasonably accurate.

Tech Specs 
44 x 71.4 x 8.1mm
Screen size
2436 x 1125
A13 Bionic
iOS 13
Rear cameras
ultra wide 12MP (f/2.4) + wide 12MP (f/1.8) + telephoto 12MP (f/2.0)
Front camera
12MP TrueDepth
Stuff says... 

Apple iPhone 11 Pro review

The fullest and most premium iPhone package that will fit in your pocket
Good Stuff 
Brilliant camera
iOS 13
Solid performance
Bad Stuff 
Limited storage