While most runners prefer to stick to the familiar feel of roads and tracks, more maverick types like to go trail running, often on rough and ready paths that are inaccessible by road. This, of course, demands a certain type of trainer – and the Adizero XT is one such shoe.

Rough and ready

Its breathable synthetic upper may mean it looks a little dandyish and won’t keep your tootsies warm in a run on alpine tundra, but the ‘pleather’ does last long in extreme surroundings and the dual-density sole ups the stability.

A dose of adiPRENE in the forefoot also takes the shot of rough terrain and the high-grip outsole should save you from embarrassing YouTubed mud plunges.  

The Adizero concept also includes a degree of stealth, even with this rugged, rough and tumble take on the idea. The low-profile cut, paneling and glimmering stripes all have a purpose beyond merely looking fancy, and it’s unobtrusively light, with a sock-like seamless lining that makes the Adizero XT a pleasure to wear, even though it’s more durable than its marathon-winning little brother. The stretched adiPRENE script on the midsole proves to be an appropriately bolshy finishing touch.

Stuff says... 

Adidas Adizero XT review

The Adizero XT has an upper only a mother could love, but performs well in off-road running