These smashed lightbulbs are frozen in time, forever

Either you're moving at light speed, or something's not quite right with these bulbs...

Someone's shot your bulb mate. Bad luck.
That's where you're wrong, friend. But we appreciate your concern for our lighting ailments.

This bulb, you see, is indefinitely frozen in a state of shattered anguish, forever living in a permanent state of brokenness. 

That's pretty deep man.
Isn't it just? It's a glorious representation of a split second in time, but the best part is the fact that you can pretend you're a superhero who can freeze time itself.

Must take ages to glue all that together.
For the lesser 3D printer-less mortal, yes. But not for Swedish company Gässling who manufactures the faux smashed bulbs using, well, 3D printers.

They're printed using a white nylon material, making them a lot more durable than their fragile appearance suggests, and a six-watt LED bulb takes care of illumination.

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What if I don't like bullets?
Then it's your lucky day! Two other designs are also available, ranging from the "Oh s**t I dropped it" to the "my lightbulb is having a supernova".

These smashed lightbulbs are frozen in time, forever

I'll bite. How much? £20?
Morelikecough€400cough. Ahem.

What the -
Hey. Art doesn't come cheap. Apparently. 

Just charge the locals a few quid to see the amazing 'Frozen in time' museum in your living room and you'll be raking the money back in no time.


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