For almost half a decade the Galaxy Note series has given us some of the greatest phones of each year. What Samsung thought would be a weird little niche device turned into a grand smash, ending up in handbags and manbags rather than just nerd briefcases.

It makes us double-sad that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is not coming to the UK. Yet. We've got to settle for the still excellent Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+.

You know what? It should. In this age of curvy Edge phones, this feels all the more like a super-size Samsung Galaxy S6. And we’re definitely up for some of that action. As ever, there’s a pen that slots into the bottom too, but you don’t need to be a wannabe artist to appreciate this phone.

Honey I blew up the Galaxy S6

I’ve already said the Note 5 is like a giganto Galaxy S6, but it’s not quite as simple as that. Samsung has taken some of the Edge series design chops and bunged them in. And it works.

Rather than having a mostly-flat back, the Note 5’s rear feels — weirdly enough — a bit like the front of the S6 Edge. It curves around at the sides. It’s lovely contouring stuff that makes more of the glass factor than the Galaxy S6.

That’s right, just like the other latest Galaxy phones, the front and back of the Note 5 are Gorilla Glass 4. Elsewhere, the sides are covered by a band of metal. Not a chrome-y one like in the bad old days of Samsung’s awkward faux metal phase but a matt finish one that keeps the look classy.

After years of getting its phones’ designs a bit wrong, like an aunt buying you a jumper designed for someone a good decade older/younger, Samsung is finally nailing its aesthetics. The one little niggle is that the power button on the side seems to cycle between feeling very soft and nice ’n' clicky. It’s meant to be the latter. Hopefully it’s just our unit afflicted.

Tech Specs 
5.7-inch Super AMOLED with 2560x1440 (518ppi)
Octa-core Exynos 7420 @ 2.1GHz
16MP with single-LED flash rear, 5MP front
Stuff says... 

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 review

Stylus plus style is a great combo. Better than ever
Good Stuff 
Great screen
Great camera
Great design
Bad Stuff 
Non-expandable memory
Not available everywhere (yet)

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Pretty much as the name suggests, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ looks an awful lot like the original S6 Edge. It’s just bigger.