10 of the best Android Wear apps

Treat your smartwatch to this selection of handy apps. Go on, it deserves it

If you're rocking an Android Wear smartwatch on your wrist, then congratulations - you're already on the right path to Google Nirvana. But it can do so much more than simply letting you control your music and delete junk emails.

The Google Play Store's selection of Android Wear-compatible apps is growing, and we've hand-picked some of our favourites to help you supercharge your clever Android timepiece.

We'll be updating this list with more apps in future, so keep an eye out.

IF by IFTTT (£free)

IF brings the power of IFTTT's customised automatic task service straight to your wrist. Once installed, you can easily email your location to people with a simple tap of a button, or automatically save Instagram photos you've liked to Facebook. There are plenty of handy recipes out there, so happy exploring.

Download IF by IFTTT 

Attopedia (£free)

OK, so reading Wikipedia on a tiny smartwatch screen doesn't sound like the best idea in the world, but Attopedia's navigation and app structure actually makes flicking through the world's collective intelligence a pleasant experience. Try not to be tempted to use it during pub quizzes. 

Download Attopedia

Evernote for Android Wear (£free)

"Note to self: never tell the joke about the turtle and the nunchucks ever again. It totally bombed at Gary's party". With Evernote for Wear, you can use your watch to dictate notes, which are then saved straight to Evernote's cloud. It's quicker than typing them out on your phone, and you can view existing notes like shopping lists on your smartwatch too. 

Download Evernote for Android Wear

Calc Wear (£free)

A calculator app might not get your tech juices flowing, but there are always occasions when we're whipping out our phone calculators when a smartwatch-based number cruncher would be more convenient and subtle. It lets you convert things like currency and distance measurements too, which is another handy bonus. 

Download Calc Wear

Sleep as Android (£free)

This excellent sleep tracking app also supports Android Wear devices, letting you sleep with your smartwatch strapped to your wrist for even more accurate sleep tracking, based on your movement. It's even integrated with Philips Hue smartlights, which can be set to turn on and wake you up when you're in your lightest stage of sleep. 

Download Sleep as Android


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