First things first. Do not be deceived by the 3.5mm jack adaptor – these are not headphones you want to plug into your iPod. They’re just too good.

You need an amp to tease the most out of the HD-650s, and preferably a lossless audio source. Ideally it would be a very good amp, backed by a very good CD player, and preferably with some very, very good audio cabling on top.

Music in three dimensions

These are, simply, monstrously good. Music takes on a spacious, 3D air when played through them, just like it does through top-end stereo speakers.

They might be a ‘mere’ £250 but they’re in the same class as rivals such as a pair Grados - with a slightly bigger, boomier sound.

It’s life, Jim

The colour and liveliness from music via the HD 650s is just fantastic - and when we abused them by playing bowel-loosening dubstep of DJ Distance’s Night Vision, it actually felt as if the air was vibrating around us, just like at a festival.

Then we remembered we were sat in a room, in the dark, testing headphones.

One for the living room

Weighing in at 260g, these are not for portable listening - and no portable source can supply the power they need to produce a decent volume.

No, with their luxury, velvety feel, these are designed squarely for listening at home via a very good hi-fi system. Just close your eyes and enjoy.


Stuff says... 

Sennheiser HD 650 review

Simply sensational. No use on the bus, but for sitting at home you’d be hard-pressed to beat these hi-fi ’phones at this price