Dependable as ever, these curvaceous Sennheisers look sharp and, well, rock.

Bass and treble may be turned up to the max but these 'phones are detailed and precise with it.

Beware snappy titlesThere are all sorts of tech gubbins going on inside. First up there's Sennheiser's nattily named Eargonomic acoustic refinement – E.A.R, geddit? – which channels the music directly into your ears rather than round the headphone houses.

Then there's the advanced Duolfol diaphragm technology, which eliminates standing waves inside and unleashes a sharper sound.

The fit is tight but nicely padded with an earlobe-pleasing velour, giving head-bangers clearance to bang. Good show.

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Sennheiser HD 595 review

These ‘phones are curvy, comfy and top value – especially good for prolonged ear-melting