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Sling Media Slingbox review

A trailblazing piece of TV kit that lets you watch your home gogglebox anywhere in the world via Wi-Fi

It looks like someone has sent us a bar of gold bullion. Oh no, it’s only a Sling Media Slingbox. We’re far from disappointed – this little box can let us watch our home telly anywhere in the world via the magic of Wi-Fi.

Once your TV is connected all you have to do is load the Slingplayer to your PC – a Mac version is coming later this year – and you can watch Match of the Day as if you were in your front room. The box has S-Video and composite inputs, while the digital TV tuner means you can watch terrestrial TV and record a programme to your Sky+ box wherever you have broadband access.

The beauty of the Slingbox is its simple operation. Anywhere you have broadband access, you can access your home telly. Picture and sound are surprisingly good, while the internal digital TV tuner is a real bonus. Easy PC, and soon to be easy Mac, too. Slingbox, we salute you.

Stuff Says…

Score: 5/5

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