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Sagem DVR 64250T review

Sagem isn't a name you'd associate with Freeview recording – but it's excelled itself with this superb PVR

Many Freeview PVRs are so busy cramming in outputs and tuners they neglect the most important thing – ease of use. So when a simple, well-considered product like the DVR 64250T comes along you just want to jump on it like it’s a lifeboat.

It ain’t pretty

If anything’s worth complaining about it’s the slightly tacky build quality, both of the main unit and the remote control, which sports horrible squishy buttons set in a plasticky, cheap casing.

You’d be embarrassed to sit the Sagem next to Humax’s shiny, lovely-looking PVR-9200T but then the Humax costs £60 more and holds 90GB less than Sagem’s plain Jane.


Stuff Says…

Score: 5/5