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Nikon D80 review

The Nikon D80 is a solid, brick-house of a camera. But inside lies a soft and gentle arty side.

 Incredible hulk

First impressions are that this is a hulk of a camera. And it is, but

that suits us and our calloused, manly hands, making it fantastically comfortable to grip. It also feels imperturbably solid in build – sturdier than the Canon EOS 350D and making the Sony A100 seem brittle and twig-like.

Around the back, the 2.5in LCD is sharper and brighter than any we’ve seen before on a DSLR, and comes with a clear snap-on screen protector that doesn’t seem to pick up fingerprints so readily although it doesn’t reduce glare.

The control layout will be familiar to ardent Nikon users, although the OK button has swapped over to the same side as the D-pad. Personally, we’d prefer it in the middle of the pad instead, but at least you can use the same thumb for both.

Picture storage comes from the new SD format, SDHC, which currently goes up to 4GB – enough for about 750 JPEG shots at normal quality. Fear not, it can still take your old SD cards, though.