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Logitech diNovo Edge review

It’s the most expensive and best-looking keyboard and mouse combo in peripheral town – but is the diNovo Edge the best?

About as far as it’s possible to get from the coffee-stained office keyboard without going voice-controlled, the diNovo Edge looks like something robbed from the deck of the Enterprise.

Moulded from a single chunk of gloss black plastic and trimmed with aluminum, it’s only 11mm thick.

Thin and wireless

The wafer-thin profile looks great and oozes quality. Despite the elfin design it feels robust, and the keys are tactile and comfortable to use.

It connects via Bluetooth using a dongle in the box. Unusually among wireless keyboards it’s rechargeable, so there are no wires to spoil the look: when not in use you just prop it up in the similarly minimalist silver desktop stand to top up the battery.

Media manipulation

The Edge brings a touch of designer class to any desktop, but its real home is on the sofa. A built-in laptop-style trackpad means you can control the mouse pointer and scroll iPod-style, and there’s a touch-slider volume control.

Pressing the ‘Fn’ key converts the function keys along the top to media controls and customisable shortcut keys, which are tastefully backlit for low-light use and really set off the gloss finish.

You can’t touch this

The only thing that spoils the package is that it shares the Nintendo DS’s weakness of overly-obvious fingerprint marks, so choose your movie snacks carefully.

It’s hard to imagine anything else you’d want in a media center keyboard, save perhaps Mac support. It’ll have some competition soon from Microsoft’s upcoming Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000, but for the moment this is the best sofa-ready PC controller around.

Stuff Says…

Score: 5/5